DAM Scenario 12: Media Library Review and Approval

  • 15-Feb-2019

Media library review and approval is the first — and simpler — of RSG's two time-based media scenarios. This use case focuses on your marketing or audio/video production team working collaboratively with an ad agency or production studio to produce audio or video for corporate, marketing, or promotional use. 

These materials aren't actually created within the DAM system but get uploaded there for review and approval by clients or third parties. Essentially, the DAM system becomes a repository for audio and video files and helps manage the workflow among various team members.

Rather than passing video clips around via email, or having to log in to an FTP site to retrieve and view a clip, you use the DAM system to share these video files. While a workflow engine can facilitate and speed the process, it’s not an absolute requirement for the DAM system to support this. 

For the simplest form of this scenario, you don’t need advanced media asset management features like scene detection, time code extraction, speech-to-text, the ability to play from a specific time code or frame in a video, or clip creation features. These features add more editing capabilities, moving away from simple review and approval to a more powerful and complex audio/video production and editing scenario (coming next in our series!).

A "digital daily" variant takes this scenario and applies it specifically to media and entertainment companies. A digital daily represents a snapshot of an in-process movie or video production work that’s shared among the production team and corporate executives.

Many workflows now require that video can be viewed and approved on tablets. An ad sales rep may show a car dealer a “spot” for TV or the Web; a producer may approve a rough cut. Whatever the case, your system should be able to incorporate mobile tablet action steps.

Typical adopters:

  • Corporate communications
  • Corporate marketing
  • Ad agencies
  • Radio stations
  • Media and entertainment companies
  • Media, marketing, and entertainment companies 

Is Media Library Review and Approval one of Your Scenarios?

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