DAM Scenario 8: Media-Based Knowledge Management

  • 14-Dec-2018

Digital Asset Management Scenario #8 in RSG's newly-updated roster of DAM vendor evaluation criteria takes a closer look at the requirement to handle knowledge objects and manage media-based, data-rich assets. 

Knowledge Management traditionally revolved around managing text-based objects, so Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or document management systems became the default knowledge management platforms, maybe supplemented by a wiki

A growing problem emerged, however: how do you managed knowledge that doesn't live in documents or wiki pages?

It's a Media-Heavy World

In today’s media-heavy world, more and more knowledge is not text-based at all;instead it lives in slide decks, individual slides, short-form video, long-form video, and infographics. As a result, enterprises are looking to their system that handles media-based, data-rich assets to handle their knowledge objects, leading some to manage knowledge in their DAM system.

While all DAM systems can store media, the way they do, differs dramatically between vendors. 

Get a free DAM vendor evaluation here.Media-based Knowledge Assets

Many DAM Systems Are Limited

Some DAM systems lack basic but important knowledge management norms, like advanced search, where-used reporting, ratings, and other metrics.  Others lag in integration to traditional enterprise systems like MS Office (especially PowerPoint and Outlook), or Active Directory environments. 

The inability of some systems to manage assets in an object-oriented way prevents establishing the sophisticated relationships between knowledge objects that they need.

For most enterprises, only a few of today’s DAM systems are cut out for what’s needed to serve this use case. Is the vendor your looking at a good fit for you? Ask an expert, we'd be happy to help you asses the large variety of products available. 

Typical adopters:

  • Consulting firms
  • Knowledge-heavy high-tech firms
  • Knowledge management operations at large enterprises

Is Media-Based Knowledge Management one of Your Scenarios?

Find out which vendors are best suited to this scenario by using RSG's RealQuadrant Shortlist Generator as part of your DAM research subscription.

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