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Cut through the hype.

Make the right omnichannel technology decisions.

Decision Tools

Pick the right vendors. Improve your effectiveness.

Real TIme - Short List Generator

Get the right vendor shortlist based on your unique requirements.

Real TIme - Vendor Comparison

Compare vendor weaknesses and strengths, head-to-head.

Real Score - Effectiveness Model

Benchmark against competitors and visualize where you need to go.

What Is a Real Quadrant?

Customers have a love-hate relationship with marketplace "quadrant" diagrams. You suspect there's something not right in the arbitrary positioning...and you're correct!...

  • July 16
  • Tony Byrne

No Briefings Scheduled

There are not currently any briefings scheduled. Check back soon.


  • Boston, MA
  • September 16—18

DX Summit 2019

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • November 4—6
  • Tony Byrne
  • Tony Byrne

SharePoint Symposium 2019

  • Washington
  • November 5—7