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Thanks for the Book Reviews!

We wanted to take a moment to say a special thank you to a few people who took the time to write extended reviews of the book....

  • September 18
  • Jarrod Gingras

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Real TIme - Short List Generator

Get the right vendor shortlist based on your unique requirements.

Real TIme - Vendor Comparison

Compare vendor weaknesses and strengths, head-to-head.

Real Score - Effectiveness Model

Benchmark against competitors and visualize where you need to go.

MarTech Boston

  • Boston, MA
  • October 2—4
  • Tony Byrne

KM World and SharePoint Symposium

  • Washington, DC
  • November 8—9
  • Tony Byrne
  • Tony Byrne
  • Jarrod Gingras

Digital Experience (DX) Summit

  • Chicago, IL USA
  • November 13—15
  • Tony Byrne