RSG Consulting Support

RSG provides three general categories of consulting support, almost always through fixed time-and-price engagements that deliver high value rapidly:

Stack Roadmaps

Ensure that your stack strategy aligns with your business and technology strategy.

Our experts will leverage proven reference models to identify gaps and opportunities and set directional emphasis in the context of a multi-year MarTech stack roadmap.

  • Inventory key platforms against RSG stack reference models
  • Evaluate effectiveness of individual platforms and services
  • Evaluate overall effectiveness relative to RSG's proven benchmarks
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in current stack relative to future business aspirations
  • Include opportunities to improve multichannel customer and prospect engagement
  • Explore prospects for consolidation as well as expansion
  • Create a multi-year directional roadmap, with recommendations on sequencing, timing, costs, and likely operational considerations
  • Assist MarTech leadership in socializing results across the enterprise

Platform Selection Guidance

Make the right choice with help from the authors of the new book, The Right Way to Select Technology.

Our experts will lead your team through an adaptive, test-based selection process.

  • Market analysis based on your requirements and scenarios
  • Requirements, use case, and RFI/RFD/RFP/Tender development
  • Shortlist recommendations
  • Your advocate during vendor demo meetings
  • Vendor proposal / demo review and feedback
  • Competitive bake-offs based on proven models
  • Facilitation of selection decision meetings
  • Help negotiating contracts, ensuring you don't buy (or pay) more than you need

Book cover and blurb from Michael Krigsman

Strategic Decision Support

Get rapid, expert analysis on key MarTech and DX / CX decisions in your enterprise

Some example outcomes:

  • Audits of existing systems against marketplace trends
  • Coaching you through a separation from a current vendor
  • Structured approach to deciding among overlapping existing vendors
  • Strategy for challenging and optimizing relationships with potentially overbearing MarTech mega-vendors
  • Benchmarking your MarTech effectiveness against peers
  • Choosing among competing investment priorities