DAM Scenario 6: Work-in-Progress Creative Management

  • 23-Nov-2018

Digital Asset Management Scenario #6 in RSG's newly-updated roster of DAM vendor evaluation criteria is an increasingly important use case as creative and marketing teams become more integrated.  But why does it fall under DAM?

Work In Progress Creative Management 

Work-in-Progress (“WIP”) technologies historically have supported creative processes that occur before an asset is deemed “complete.” Today the line between WIP and finished assets has become more blurred — many marketing assets are never truly “finished” — but instead get modified or spawn derivatives as they deploy across multiple channels. So you may need to consider WIP services in your DAM.

In this scenario, a DAM platform facilitates creative operations management with configurable workflows, digital markup, discussions, and commenting. In some cases, you'll also find lightweight project management features, such as resource planning, tasks lists, and assignments. Some DAM vendors have built these features into their core DAM technology, while others have partnered with firms to provide these features separately.

Typically, the primary function of all these tools is to allow participants to add their “touch” or provide feedback to the design process. Rather than being a completely linear process, these tools streamline the review and approval of creative content by allowing multiple people to collaborate at once. Versions get managed via version control, and you rely less on email. Commenting gets stored as asset metadata, including notifications and sign-off.

Creative Management

Typical adopters:

  • Any enterprise with an in-house creative team
  • Creative Operations teams
  • Ad agencies
  • Digital, brand, creative agencies
  • Social Media marketing teams

Is Work-in-Progress Creative Management one of your scenarios?

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