DAM Scenario 9: Regulated Environment

  • 3-Jan-2019

Digital Asset Management Scenario #9 looks closer at the requirement for a highly regulated and secure environment.

Most DAM tools cater to “secure asset management” and policies for data security with password-controlled access. While this may be enough for many organizations, others require more stringent controls, such as tracking and restrictions on assets and metadata due to confidentiality, regulatory, or legal requirements.

Flexible Storage Environments

To cater to such scenarios, some DAM tools allow for alternatives storage environments. They may provide the flexibility to mix and match options so you can store some types of assets (the ones that are highly confidential, for example) within your own storage environment, but persist other, less critical files in a different locale, like the public cloud.

Key requirements that differentiate these DAM platforms from others are:

  • More focused on security controls
  • Ability to encrypt files in transit and at rest — during storage and on the end points (e.g., a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Ability to offer multiple deployment models — particularly the option to select in-house storage, the private cloud, or a hybrid model
  • More advanced audit trails, such as tracking asset access, download, and deployment, as well as metadata modifications

Highly-regulated Environment

DAM Vendor Specialization

At RSG we've seen some movement among DAM vendors to cater to certain highly-regulated industries. For example, some vendors have gone through a HIPAA certification process in order to cross a common hurdle when trying to win business in the healthcare field.

Typical adopters:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Pharmaceutical and other Life Sciences companies
  • Legal firms

Is Your Enterprise One of These?

Find out which vendors are best suited to this scenario by using RSG's RealQuadrant Shortlist Generator as part of a DAM research subscription.

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