Updated CDP Evaluations: AgilOne, Lytics, SessionM

Last week we updated RSG's reviews of three fairly longstanding CDP vendors:

  • AgilOne
  • Lytics
  • SessionM

RSG subscribers to our CDP evaluation stream can log in above and see the updates for yourselves.  Here I'll just summarize a couple trends reflective in these vendors — and more generally the industry as a whole.

  1. Quick-start implementation packages
    You tend to see these arise in a marketplace when customers struggle to gain near-term value from complicated platforms; vendors put together short-term implementation packages to help you tackle at least one use-case.  That's never a bad thing, but when you're selecting a CDP, make sure to identify vendors that can help you across the potential breadth of your scenarios.  RSG's RealQuadrant decision support tool can help.
  2. Growing emphasis on Machine Learning
    AI and ML services have traveled with CDP technology since the earlier days, but vendors appear to putting a lot of emphasis here going into 2020.  Some of it is surely a marketing arms race.  But underneath I suspect that customers are struggling with basic data analysis (especially around segmentation) and decisioning (especially around campaign constructs) and are hoping that, perhaps, a machine can just make key decisions for them.  I anticipate some disappointment and long learning curves here.

If your firm does not yet subscribe to RSG's vendor evaluations, you can always download a free sample first.


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