Nine CDP Business Use Cases

  • 12-Oct-2018

How do you evaluate MarTech platforms? At Real Story Group we've learned to favor business use-cases over feature grids. This is the case even for more technically-intensive toolsets, like customer portals and customer data platforms (CDPs).

 CDP Scenarios
Nine CDP Scenarios. Source: Real Story Group

In our recently-debuted CDP vendor evaluations (get free sample here), RSG isolated nine distinct business scenarios against which we assess platform fit. These scenarios are abstractions, and some will be more or less germane to you. As usual, vendors will claim broad applicability for their platforms, but we find tend to find in reality they only specialize in three or four of the nine.

So a savvy customer will prioritize their needs and select technology accordingly. RSG subscribers can always use our "Real Quadrant" decision support tool to identify and weight your functional and strategic priorities, to get to the right vendor shortlist.

In the coming weeks my colleague Apoorv Durga will describe each of these scenarios in this space. So stay tuned for more. In the meantime, if you're already an CDP licensee and you'd like to share you experience confidentially, please ping us at


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