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DACH DAM Vendor Update: celum and Picturepark

Picturepark is most frequently employed for image storage and organization rather than production and publishing, relying on integrations, plugins, and connectors to carry out tasks outside of basic DAM Library scenarios. celum, meanwhile, has chosen to focus its efforts on bigger deals -- and thus larger clients -- abandoning some of its less-expensive offerings for a bigger piece of the pie

The Blurring of Enterprise Lines in DAM

But now with even SMBs adopting cloud-based DAMs containing hundreds of thousands of assets numbering in the dozens of terabytes, deployment strategy has become more important than the rather arbitrary term "enterprise"

Picturepark evaluation added to our DAM research

We've been furiously updating our Brand & Digital Asset Management research these past few months, and today we release an update that adds an evaluation of Switzerland-based vendor Vision Information Transaction (VIT) and their software, Picturepark