The Blurring of Enterprise Lines in DAM

To reflect the disruption that the cloud has caused in the DAM industry, we've changed the way we classify vendors in our Digital & Media Asset Management Report.

Re-Thinking "Enterprise"

Our previous dividing lines focused on the typical size and scale of the customers' DAM operations (big = "enterprise").  But now with even SMBs adopting cloud-based DAMs containing hundreds of thousands of assets numbering in the dozens of terabytes, deployment strategy has become more important than the rather arbitrary term "enterprise."

So version 7.0 of our research classifies vendors by how the systems are sold, and where their deployment focus lies.

Within the DAM industry there are a number of vendors for which DAM is one part of a larger pie (suite) of software products. Most of these vendors are household names, and their products are usually adopted by large companies alongside one or more of the vendor's other (not necessarily well-integrated) products.

Large Enterprise Suite Vendors - mostly deployed on-premise

- Adobe (Experience Manager)

- EMC (Documentum DAM)

- HP (MediaBin)

- OpenText (Media Management)

- Oracle (WebCenter Content)

Cloud vs. On Premise

We then move into two categories of vendors for whom DAM is their main focus, their main source of revenue, and the product for which they are best known. The two categories are separated by the vendor’s orientation towards mainly cloud or on-premise deployments. This is not to say that some vendors offer both options; the categorization simply speaks to which direction they lean.

It is also true that some vendors are entirely on-premise or cloud oriented. We expect that vendors will move from one "team" to the other over time, we also suspect that this movement will most commonly be towards the cloud.

You should treat these new categories as generalizations. Don’t assume that all the vendors you might consider for a certain delivery environment are found in one group, and there are vendors who do both and do both well, and still others who offer hybrid (cloud & on-premise, or private & public clouds), as well as standalone private cloud options as a mid-point between the two.

In order to disambiguate this for you, we have also added “Delivery Environment” as a new section of the technical specifications in the report -- be sure to check these out before you make any decisions.

Pure-play Digital Asset Management: Primarily On-Premise 


- Canto: Cumulus

- celum

- censhare

- Chuckwalla

- Equilibrium: MediaRich for SharePoint

- Evolphin: Zoom

- Extensis: Portfolio

- FotoWare

- MediaBeacon: R3Volution

- MerlinOne

- North Plains: Telescope

- North Plains: Xinet

- WAVE: Media Bank

Pure-play Digital Asset Management: Primarily Cloud-Based

- Brandworkz

- Bright Interactive: Asset Bank

- Bynder

- NetXposure: NetX

- North Plains: On Brand

- PicturePark

- WebDAM

- Widen

- WoodWing: Elvis


Open Source

Another trend in recent years is the growing presence of open source vendors in the DAM industry. Sometimes customers will be in the market specifically for open source options. For this reason and due to the fact we have almost doubled the number of open source vendors covered, we have decided to separate out these vendors.

Similar to above, we advise that you not discount open source vendors without investigating their suitability in terms of delivery environment and other features you might be looking for. There are often multiple choices for hosted, SaaS, and other options available from open source vendors and their communities, so it might be the case that a commercial open source product is for you, even if you were in the market for something else.

Open Source Digital Asset Management Projects

- Duraspace: Fedora

- EnterMedia

- Nuxeo

- Razuna

- ResourceSpace

Broadcast Media Management

We have chosen to maintain the Broadcast Media Management category. These vendors are distinct from, but related to the DAM products covered, and in some cases Broadcast vendors compete with vendors in the other categories.

Unlike what we have seen in the DAM industry, there has been no significant change in vendors' market presence here. This is also true of Deployment options, with Broadcast vendors remaining to offer almost exclusively on-premise deployments.

Broadcast Media Management

- Avid: Interplay

- Cinegy: Workspace

- Dalet: Galaxy

- GlobeCast: Netia

- Harris Broadcast: Nuxeo

- Square Box Systems: CatDV

- TMD: Mediaflex

- Vizrt: Viz One

New Criteria

The changes outlined above come alongside a raft of new scoring metrics to further elucidate the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors that we cover. It is our aim to continue improving the methods by which we evaluate and compare vendors in order to make the process of finding the right one easier for you. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, you can download a complimentary sample of the DAM evaluations (our review of North Plains: Telescope).

Our customers say...

"The Digital Asset Management Research is a straightforward, comprehensive report that's invaluable to anyone considering or implementing digital asset management. With a no-nonsense approach to evaluating the major vendors and best practices, this report is a true handbook. It's my new bedside reading..."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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