Updates to CDP Vendor Research

In the past month, we've released several updates to RSG’s Customer Data Platform research stream.  Here’s a quick summary:

Vendors Updated

RSG CDP stream subscribers can find updates to the following vendors and their offerings:

  • Treasure Data Enterprise CDP: Updates related to their Journey Orchestration capabilities and additional integrations
  • Amperity Customer Data Management: Updated user interface with a new navigation model and global search
  • Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform: Enhancements to Real-Time CDP B2B Edition and a new solution (with custom data model) for Healthcare industry
  • ActionIQ CDP: They’ve announced Hybrid Compute and Pipelines
  • BlueConic Customer Data Platform: Enhancements to global privacy and consent management features
  • Salesforce CDP: untangling recent announcements about the "Genie" real-time service

CDP Marketplace, Circa 2022
CDP Marketplace, Circa 2022

There are several other updates to these evaluations based on what we’ve learnt from our customers. CDP research subscribers can log in to access the latest updates. Or if you don’t yet subscribe to RSG's research, you can check out a free sample

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