Updates to CDP Vendor Research

The CDP line on RSG's vendor subway map remains perpetually under construction, particularly as we see new approaches for customer data management and activation emerge. Data lake-house platforms like Snowflake are building data management capabilities, products like Rudderstack and Aqfer are providing a subset of CDP-like capabilities.

CDP vendors are also evolving and responding by repositioning themselves, adding new capabilities and offering vertical-specific solutions. 

This week, we release several updates to RSG’s Customer Data Platform research stream. Here’s a quick summary:

Vendors Updated

Find updates for the following offerings:

  • Acquia CDP: Some additional capabilities, but important legacy
  • Amperity Customer Data Management: New funding and release of Amperity 4.0
  • NGDATA Intelligent Engagement Platform: The product has a new name but only slightly revised strategy
  • Oracle CX Unity: What you would expect from this vendor
  • Salesforce CDP: New integrations, but same old story

CDP Logo Landscape

As the marketplace continues to evolve, you have many choices for how to slice and dice your alternatives. RSG's "RealQuadrant" decision tool can really help here, by grounding you in business objectives to determine the right short lists. 

For a simpler, two-dimensional view, the chart above separates the market into three rough categories.  Increasingly we see a critical divide between CDP-as-infrastructure vs. CDP-as-business-platform. This isn't a clean boundary and nearly all packaged CDPs fall somewhere in-between. RSG's detailed evaluations can show you where and how. 

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Happy New Year!

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