Updates to CDP Vendor Evaluations

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) marketplace is rapidly evolving and we are continuously updating our evaluations to track updates to existing offerings as well as to add new vendors.

 RSG's latest update has the following new vendors:

  1. ActionIQ: CDP focused on complex, enterprisewide data management use cases
  2. Celebrus: UK-based CDP vendor with focus on enterprise customers, on-premise deployments, and data capture
  3. SessionM:  A CDP with extended capabilities for Loyalty and Offer Management

We also updated Lexer, an Australia-based CDP vendor. The vendor initially focused on providing a cloud-based customer unification platform for Government and Enterprise B2C organisations. Lexer since pivoted a bit and now focuses on Retail and mid-market brands.

Finally, we updated NGDATA, interpreting some recent news.

If your employer subscribes to RSG's CDP stream you can download your updated evaluations here.


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