Updates to CDP Vendor Evaluation Research

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) marketplace continues to evolve. Topics like new funding, better understanding of CDP architectures, mergers & acquisitions, branding updates, and name changes have all made tracking this marketplace an....interesting....endeavor.

This week we released several updates to RSG’s Customer Data Platform research stream, enhancing several existing evaluations as well as adding two new vendors.

RSG's CDP Logo Chart

The CDP marketplace is highly fragmented. Source: RSG

New Vendors Added

Based on requests from RSG's MarTech Leadership Council, we've added two new evaluations:

  • Algonomy: Algorithmic Customer Engagement Platform. The combined entity that got formed as a result of retail-focused Manthan acquiring personalization vendor RichRelevance
  • D&B: Lattice CDP. Dun & Bradstreet acquired Lattice Engines in 2019, and now offers it as D&B Lattice CDP, a B2B-focused platform.

Vendors Updated

Subscribers will find updates to the following vendors and their offerings:

  • Adobe: Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform
  • BlueConic: BlueConic Customer Data Platform
  • Blueshift: Blueshift Smarthub CDP
  • Lexer: Lexer Customer Data Platform
  • Lytics: Lytics Customer Data Platform
  • Oracle: Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform 
  • Salesforce: Salesforce CDP
  • SAP: SAP Customer Data Platform

CDP research subscribers can log in to access the latest updates. Or if you don’t yet subscribe to RSG's research, you can check out a free sample.

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