New Personalization Platforms Evaluation Research

This week RSG released a new evaluation stream: Personalization Platforms.

Today's press release says more. But a key finding is:

"MarTech leaders increasingly view personalization as an omnichannel requirement, while historically vendors have treated it as a 'feature' of a particular engagement channel. "

Vendors Covered

In this first edition, we include evaluations of nine vendors:

  • Acoustic: Acoustic Personalization
  • Adobe: Adobe Target
  • Kibo: Monetate/Certona
  • Optimizely: Optimizely
  • Oracle: Oracle Maxymiser
  • Salesforce: Interaction Studio
  • SAP: Emarsys
  • Algonomy: Omnichannel Personalization
  • Dynamic Yield: Dynamic Yield

Tools To Help You

In addition to detailed evaluations, subscribers get access to decision-making tools:

  • RealQuadrant Shortlist Generator, to generate a shortlist of Personalization vendors based on your requirements. 
  • RealTime Vendor Comparison, to compare Personalization vendor weaknesses and strengths, head-to-head.
  • RealScore Effectiveness Model, to benchmark against competitors and visualize where you need to go with respect to your Personalization initiatives.


Personalization Scenarios
Output from RealTime Vendor Comparison that compares vendors across four business scenarios.

As always, RSG has applied our rigorous evaluation methodology to this marketplace. Future posts will explain more about the methodology as well as business scenarios used to evaluate these vendors. 

You can download free sample vendor evaluation (Oracle) and check out the four business use cases RSG employs to evaluate the vendors. 

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