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Personalization Platform Technology Emerging as Independent Layer

Enterprise MarTech Leaders Still Struggle to Execute Across Channels

Boston, MA — Personalization technology is slowly evolving into an independent layer in MarTech stacks as enterprises seek to pursue more omnichannel engagement strategies, according to vendor evaluation research released today by independent analyst firm, Real Story Group (RSG).

RSG's new personalization vendor evaluation research stream reviews offerings from nine vendors across five canonical use cases. 

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RSG finds MarTech leaders increasingly view personalization as an omnichannel requirement, while historically vendors have treated it as a "feature" of a particular engagement channel.  The major MarTech suite vendors still tend to bundle personalization services with their flagship marketing platforms, but a newer breed of vendors is beginning to offer more decoupled (and potentially channel-neutral) offerings.

Even as personalization technologies mature, however, RSG finds large enterprises struggling to execute on the requisite underpinnings of solid customer data and executable content models.  Moreover, there is a gulf in the market between those vendors who can reliably support testing and optimization tactics versus those that provide more evergreen personalization services.

"Although personalization as an aspiration dates to the dawn of the web twenty-five years ago, the technology on offer still has a lot of room to mature," summarizes RSG founder, Tony Byrne. 

"In theory, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) should help close this gap," notes RSG research vice-president, Apoorv Durga. "In practice, these newer approaches remain dogged by concerns around efficacy, customer UX, and opacity."

The new evaluation stream is available via subscription at Real Story Group.


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