Do You Need a MarTech Stack Assessment?

For most of our two-decade existence, RSG offered, in addition to our vendor evaluation subscription and advisory services, just one formal consulting offering: MarTech platform selection support, e.g., for a new DAM, CDP, or whatever.  We still do a lot of that, but in the past five years our clients have increasingly asked us to examine and support decisions beyond a single component in their portfolio -- to analyze the broader stack itself. 

A Stack Assessment

We responded by elaborating a specific methodology for assessing stack effectiveness at large enterprises.  Here's what such a project looks like at a high level:

  • Inventory your as-is MarTech environment
  • Identify gaps and opportunities based on your strategic business objectives
  • Analyze options and make specific recommendations
  • Create a multi-year roadmap for stack optimization

I believe the reason we're seeing more of this is that many of you find your enterprise at an inflection point, where you figured out most of "the basics" in the 2010s, but are now struggling a bit on how to address the pace and omnichannel nature of customer engagement in the 2020s.  We can help.

Reference Model

Our analysis typically revolves around a set of core "reference models."  These are framework models for how RSG sees different pieces of stack coming together for a B2C or B2B enterprise. The magic comes, however, in customizing that framework for your specific needs, and guiding you as you gain support for this vision from across your enterprise. 

RSG's MarTech Reference Model for B2C firms

This is also why these engagements come with a "full stack" subscription to all of RSG's research, with advisory time, so that we can support you for at least a full year going forward. Some stack leaders then elect to join our exclusive MarTech Leadership Council.

What Next?

If you think your firm would find value in such an assessment, let's explore your situation.  Contact RSG at [email protected].

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