On the Mid-year Minds of MarTech Stack Leaders

I recently taught at a MarTech-oriented conference, and -- aside from interacting in person again on the circuit -- it proved a great venue for learning more about what MarTech leaders like you are thinking about these days. As I fielded a variety of questions, three clusters of topics emerged:

  1. CDPs (as programs, not projects)
  2. Technical debt at the engagement tier (especially with big-name vendors)
  3. AdTech-MarTech integration

And of course underneath it all lies the excitement and trepidation of AI/ML. But the larger theme across all three topics is a general "reset" around legless architectures.

Legless MarTech Architecture

For the inside scoop of what vendors and architectures make most sense for your stack, check out RSG's hard-hitting research.

To read more about these three topics, check out my full article at MarTech.org.

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