Adding Liferay and Jahia to WCM Evaluations

Even though portal-like capabilities remain relevant for building some digital experiences, RSG has discontinued covering Portal technology as a separate marketplace as the vendors themselves have largely folded into the Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) space.

So, we've expanded the scope of RSG's WCM vendor evaluations, both with a new review scenario (Portal & Dashboard services) and two vendors: Liferay and Jahia.

Jahia and Liferay

The two platforms do resemble each other:

  • Both are complex, Java-based solutions that emerged in the on-premise era as omnibus platforms: with some WCM, some document management and Portal-like capabilities from the very beginning
  • They started life as commercial open source platforms and have evolved similar  architectural structures and intregration frameworks

Jahia and Liferay

But you'll find several differences too. For example, Jahia seems to be eyeing the MarTech marketplace and has introduced a Customer Data Platform (CDP) based on Unomi (an Apache top-level project initiated by Jahia themselves). Liferay on the other hand remains focused more on Digital Workplace and Online Community use cases.

There's more to watch here, but on the whole, we're seeing more suite-style strategies emerging in the upper mid-market (c.f. Episerver as well) as vendors try to diversify and expand revenue streams.  You'll want to pay close attention to architectural alignment.

If your employer subscribes to RSG's WCM research stream, you can immediately download the updated evaluations and check out our detailed take on both these platforms, in addition to more than 30 other vendors that RSG covers.


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