WCM vendor research updates

Over the weekend RSG updated its vaunted Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) vendor evaluation stream.  Lots of subtle and not-so-subtle changes to report. 

WCM Logo Landscape from RSG

Here's a quick tour of the solutions we updated in this round:

  • Acquia Drupal: ever the long transition from religion to technology
  • Adobe: still smelling its own fumes
  • Amplience: pushing hard against a fast current
  • BrightSpot: pressure on new leadership
  • Contentful: how long can it surf on reputation?
  • Coremedia: some puzzling acquisitions
  • Crownpeak: back to the future, from SaaS to PaaS
  • Sitecore: still in tweener land
  • WordPress: how to address a multichannel world?

As always, RSG subscribers to this research stream can access the new research straight from your dashboard (🔒).

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