Do You Need More Than Just DAM to Manage Digital Rights?

  • 31-Jul-2019

Gaining control of your rights-managed assets is a major driver for the adoption of DAM technology enterprise-wide. However, in today’s omnichannel world, managing rights is becoming even more complicated.

Enterprises typically employ digital assets from multiple sources for marketing campaigns and corporate communications, and then deploy across channels like web, print, e-mail, television, and mobile. Tracking the rights status and rules of associated assets in each of these channels can become impossible to manage without a proper platform.

Typical license terms define how an asset may be used:

  • Duration of usage
  • Number of times 
  • Media channels 
  • Geographic regions 
  • Specific formats

However, for many enterprises, DAM technology alone is not enough to satisfy their rights management requirements. In addition to DAM technology, you may need specialized Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.  


The extent of your requirements for rights management determines whether or not you need an additional Digital Rights Management solution to supplement your DAM software. If your requirements are anything more than elementary, you'll need to explore carefully.  Working with RSG subscribers, we find there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and no rights management product will ever work "out of the box" with your DAM platform.  You need to plan for integration.

At that same time, you need to remain skeptical about the rights management subsystems that may come bundled with your DAM platform.  In many cases, they won't stack up.

RSG’s Digital Asset Management research critically evaluates the weaknesses and strengths of multiple DAM products. (Download a free report chapter.)

When evaluating your needs, keep these things in mind: 

  1. DAM products have limited rights management capabilities. Our research has found that many DAM vendors’ rights management solution is simply adding an expiration date metadata field. On the other hand, DRM tools can manage the full lifecycle of rights management for content types like images, audio, and video.
  2. Be prepared to invest in custom development if you integrate a rights management solution with your digital asset management solution. These are not plug-and-play solutions.
  3. Remember that rights management is a process and not a technology. After any implementation, you’ll need to establish an ongoing process to manage the rights metadata, as new deals — with new contracts and rules - are struck and for content licensing.

Insufficient attention to Digital Rights Management (DRM) within the enterprise can not only lead to obvious fines and penalties, but it can be detrimental to your brand.  So pay attention, but beware the quick fix.

Scenario analysis is the most efficient approach to understanding your distinct DAM needs and determining the right vendor shortlist.


Our customers say...

"Choosing a digital asset management solution was a daunting undertaking that was alleviated by our subscription with Real Story Group. RSG's research and advice benefited us greatly and insured that we made the correct decision. Not only did we save time and effort but we avoided wasting money on a digital asset management system that didn't fit our needs!"

Nathan Badge , Senior Digital Asset Management Specialist The Hettema Group

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