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Do You Need a Customer Data Platform?

This advisory paper takes a look at CDPs: what they are, how they are different from DMPs or CRMs, and why you might need one...

  • August 13
  • Tony Byrne

TeamSite Marriage Counseling

Was reminded recently in a call with an RSG subscriber that some TeamSite implementations linger on, like a really bad relationship you can't seem to end. Maybe it's time for counseling?...

  • August 12
  • Tony Byrne

Marketo versus Eloqua

As we talk to more customers, some real differences emerge....

  • August 8
  • Tony Byrne


  • Boston, MA
  • September 16—18

DX Summit 2019

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • November 4—6
  • Tony Byrne
  • Tony Byrne

SharePoint Symposium 2019

  • Washington
  • November 5—7