Excerpt from the eXo: evaluation:

"If you seek advanced features such as role based personalization or business intelligence, it’s best to look elsewhere. However, if what you need is included with eXo Platform, you can look forward to a broad implementation of the latest Java standards with this platform. ..."

(P. 229 in the Portals and Content Integration Report. )

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RSG has just published our 2014 edition of the Portals & Content Integration Marketplace Analysis. This advisory looks at how the marketplace -- both in terms of products and vendors -- is evolving.

Google, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, and others battle in the cloud

Google finally released its much rumored Google Drive, a new competitor in the increasingly crowded cloud-based file sharing and sync marketplace. As with all things Google, the Drive announcement generated a huge amount of hype across the blogosphere and twitterverse.

Many commentators compare Drive with Dropbox and to some extent Microsoft's SkyDrive and Apple's iCloud. However, there are many, many more choices

Multiple Portals or One Single Portal?

In the good old days, when your firm's Enterprise Portal was a "gateway to the world," the thinking was that you needed to standardize on one single Portal platform, and perhaps even on single enterprise portal instance.

However, as we all know, that's not really very practical (both for technical and organizational reasons), and multiple portal platforms have always proliferated within organizations

eXo Platform quietly goes for Cloud and Mobile

The open source eXo portal platform released their latest version 3.5 last week. eXo platform is a "portal-like" offering that we cover in our Portals and Content Integration report. It's based on the GateIn open source portal container that eXo co-developed with Red Hat JBoss.

JBoss and eXo Portal Platforms: Similar, Yet Different

Competitors and Partners, eXo and JBoss have both announced their new Portal offerings based on their collaborative project GateIn. While JBoss had released Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 5) a while back, eXo released eXo Platform 3.0 this week

Red Hat Releases JBoss EPP 5

Although released a couple of weeks back, Red Hat made a formal announcement of the release of their new JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 5) on Thursday at the Red Hat summit in Boston. As we have mentioned before, this release is a completely re-architected platform built on GateIn, the portal they jointly developed with eXo.

Joomla! Upgrade - Pros and Cons

More than two years after it's last major version was released, the Web CMS project Joomla! has announced the beta version of its next major release (1.6). For an open source project, that's a lot of time between two versions.

The return of web-based IDEs

Developers know that Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) go a long way in improving productivity and shortening time to market. Some vendors in the marketplaces we cover ship with their own proprietary IDEs, while many others use a plugin to (or otherwise extend) the popular Eclipse or Visual Studio IDEs

CMIS Gets a Boost

An open source implementation of the new Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) was released last week called "xCMIS." Developed by the folks at eXo Platform

New Enterprise Portals Research

Yesterday we launched our most recent Enterprise Portals Research. This report critically evaluates 13 portal vendors and products, which we break up into 2 categories:

A Tale of Two Portals - Part 2

GateIn -- the collaborative Portal project from Red Hat JBoss and eXo -- has been making decent progress. A beta 4 was released recently the current timeline proposes final release in March, 2010