Red Hat Releases JBoss EPP 5

Although released a couple of weeks back, Red Hat made a formal announcement of the release of their new JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP 5) on Thursday at the Red Hat summit in Boston. As we have mentioned before, this release is a completely re-architected platform built on GateIn, the portal they jointly developed with eXo.  

The platform has many new features such as:

  • Plug-in based architecture allowing you to host multiple portal type applications or add on other components to your Portal infrastructure
  • A complete new user interface that is based on the GateIn Portal. The UI is based on Groovy framework and replaces the existing JSF based interface
  • It uses a different page model in which each page is stored in a Java Content Repository (based on eXo JCR)
  • An in-built gadget container based on Apache's Shindig allowing you to host and run gadgets along with portlets
  • Some of the other features are support for Right to Left (RTL) languages, a new identity manager, and a cache implementation

Many of these features above are not just enhancements but completely new development efforts. While it is called EPP 5 and targeted as a next release of their existing EPP 4.x, remember that it is really a new product for all practical purposes. We describe some of the platform's other demerits in our Portals and Content Integration evaluation research.

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