New Enterprise Portals Research

Yesterday we launched our most recent Enterprise Portals Research. This report critically evaluates 13 portal vendors and products, which we break up into 2 categories:

Infrastructure Vendors

  • IBM: WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5
  • Microsoft: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2
  • Oracle: WebLogic Portal 10gR3
  • Oracle: WebCenter Suite 11gR1
  • SAP: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 1
  • RedHat: JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 4.3

Specialist Portal Products

  • Open Text: Vignette Portal 8.0
  • Broadvision Portal 8.1
  • eXo Portal 2.5
  • GateIn 3.0
  • Liferay: Liferay Portal 5.2.3
  • Plone: Plone 3.3.2
  • uPortal 3.1.2

Our annual subscribers and recent customers will receive their updates automatically. You can also download a free sample of any of our evaluations.

By the way, this release marks the end of an era for CMS Watch -- and the beginning of a new one. This will be the last "big-bang" update that CMS Watch releases in the current format. With your feedback, we are embarking on new research delivery model that emphasizes online access to the latest updates, along with more avenues for obtaining practical advice for your specific problems.

Rest assured that buyers of this report and any of our existing research in the weeks to come will automatically receive access to our new services. We're extremely excited about the new model and we think you will be too. In the meantime, I hope you'll join the club by signing on to one of our research streams.

Our customers say...

"Every organisation considering portal technology should obtain a copy of the Enterprise Portals Research, to gain access to best-practice approaches and concepts, built up from real-world experience."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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