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The Blurring of Enterprise Lines in DAM

But now with even SMBs adopting cloud-based DAMs containing hundreds of thousands of assets numbering in the dozens of terabytes, deployment strategy has become more important than the rather arbitrary term "enterprise"

Are MediaBeacon and North Plains still comparable?

Over two years ago, I wrote this piece about digital asset management vendors MediaBeacon and North Plains, saying they were almost always mentioned in the same sentence in DAM industry discussions. But that's changed. For better or worse, one vendor has radically grown its toolset and re-cast its approach to the market. The other has maintained the status quo, sticking to focus on one core DAM product and leadership team

Can you use your CMS or DAM on your mobile device?

I had made the case that mobile-enabled user interfaces for content management systems -- ones that allow you to pull up a content management system on a mobile device to maintain your web site, documents, or other digital assets -- was a very real and current way of managing content. My fellow panelist, however, thought no one was going to be bothered managing enterprise content on their mobile device

Can MediaBeacon keep up?

MediaBeacon is one of the bright and blinking stars of the Digital Asset Management world. Led by the ebullient and opinionated Jason Bright, the Minneapolis-based company has a much larger footprint on the market than the small size of the company would suggest. MediaBeacon's DAM tool is among the industry's more flexible and standards-based, and though largely focused on brand management scenarios, the company made extensive efforts to add video management features over the last 18 months

North Plains and MediaBeacon - always in the same breath?

In the nearly three years since we first began in-depth research into the Digital & Media Asset Management market, I've been nothing short of fascinated by the process of uncovering more and more details about DAM vendors and their tools.

Are we reaching the limits of UI buildout?

As you can imagine, in the course of covering more than 200 software products, my colleagues and I get to see and touch a lot of different user interfaces, and one thing we've all noticed lately is the trend toward larger and larger interfaces

The Coming Acronym Crisis

As I talk to people in the content-technology industry (if I may call it that), I'm struck by a common thread that has begun to emerge in conversations involving roadmaps and futures

In DAM, Flashy does not always mean Flex

I mentioned in an earlier post (about the recent Henry Stewart DAM Symposium) that one of the big trends right now in the DAM world is a shift toward client apps built on Adobe Flex technology