WCXM Pitfall 8: Underestimating hardware needs

Twelve Common Pitfalls to Avoid (and Best Practices to Follow) When Embarking on a Web Content and Experience Management Project

Pitfall 8: Underestimating hardware needs

Best Practice:

Get more server power than you need today.

Web CMS packages -- even those at the departmental level -- are notoriously resource intensive, on both management and web tiers.

On the web or "delivery" tier, if you get creative with things like personalization and metadata, your database will fill up with all kinds of interesting and potentially useful records that could grow to dwarf the storage size of your actual content. You do yourself no good to design and implement the perfect CMS, only to find that your server performance is prohibitively slow for internal and external users alike.

That's why clustering and load balancing aren't just for the largest Web CMS installations anymore. Even if you license a cloud-based Web CMS, you may need to replicate some capacity or capabilties on-premise.  So if you are a mid-sized company or larger make sure your CMS vendor and IT department are on board regarding adequate hardware needs.

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