Version 21.1 of Web CMS research adds MODX and Salesforce vendor evaluations

We just released version 21.1 of our Web Content and Experience Management (WCXM) Evaluation Stream today, in which we’ve updated several evaluations and added two new WCXM vendors to the list.

The first new vendor is MODX. This package  may appeal to indie design shops and smaller integrators looking for alternatives to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla!. Don’t expect much extensibility with MODX Revolution CMS, though.

Salesforce’s is another newcomer to our WCXM stream. This product may be appropriate for low-complexity sites/microsites that need to be rolled out quickly. On the negative side, the extraordinary lack of formal content management services makes this system less a CMS and more of a content authoring service.

Version 21.1 also includes updated reviews of the following vendors:

  • DotNetNuke – Much like other open source projects, DNN is slowly reinforcing its commercial arm, while on the product side making the first steps in integrating the recently acquired Active Modules for social computing
  • IBM – Big Blue continues to lag behind the competition in its tier on the CMS side, with enhancements more planned than realized
  • Vizrt – Escenic’s parent company has done little to further the CMS, aside from taking some strides to make it more integrated with the overall Media Asset Management/broadcast technology product stack of their own
  • Atex – In the latest version, Polopoly has gotten a significant facelift, but the product largely remains tied to its media/publishing niche

As always, our WCXM stream subscribers can download the entire report, or just individual chapters, and comparison charts immediately. For those of you not familiar with our evaluations, go ahead and download a free sample here.

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