The Stability of Clickability

In a recent article and blog entry, my colleague Tony talked about both the popularity of Software as a Service or hosted model and some of the potential dangers. In our 2008 Web Content Management Report we cover two pure-play SaaS vendors, Clickability and CrownPeak. Both are venture-backed, both have shown consistent growth recently, and today Clickability announced that it has received a second round of funding of $8 million, bringing its total outside funding to $15.3 million.

One of the critical concerns of potential SaaS buyers who are thinking about trusting their content on someone else's servers is the vendor's stability. This concern is even more important when evaluating a company like Clickability, who for most of their customers not only hosts their clients' content management system, but also the clients' customer facing sites. Clickability customers will likely find some re-assurance that there is more money behind the company protecting their investments.

An influx of money usually means two things: vendor stability and product instability. While vendor stability is almost always a good thing, product instability means changes are coming and those can go either way. We will be watching these changes closely.

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