New to our Digital and Media Asset Management Research: ZONZA

ZONZA is a newer face in the DAM market, backed by stalwarts of the advertising industry, Deluxe Entertainment Services and Hogarth Worldwide (Hogarth Worldwide is itself owned in majority by WPP; one of the world’s biggest advertising companies).

ZONZA was conceived in 2009 and went live in 2011 as a tool to support the DMAM needs of Hogarth Worldwide and Deluxe clients; today both Hogarth and Deluxe heavily market ZONZA as an Enterprise Asset Platform.

Most customers originally used ZONZA for high-end, high-volume media distribution; ZONZA came much later to the world of enterprise DAM.

At RSG, we started getting numerous inquiries about ZONZA from our subscribers in early 2014, especially by larger, Fortune 1000 customers who already worked with the parent firms. One of ZONZA’s first customers was a globally recognized clothing brand, and the vendor has since signed on a handful of large enterprise firms that operate global brands. WPP also has a tight relationship with Microsoft. There is talk of other big-name partners coming into the fray, demonstrating that ZONZA really does have friends in high places.

Still, we couldn’t help but ask: Can an advertising company also be a software provider to the same — or similar — clients?

We weigh in on ZONZA’s past, current, and potential future state in the latest edition of our research.

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