New Ecommerce Vendor Evaluations

For a long time at RSG we've thought about extending our tough, vendor evaluation approach to the ecommerce platform sphere.  After input from our MarTech Stack Leadership Council, this year we decided to do so, evaluating seven vendors across nine scenarios.

Ecommerce Logo Landscape - RSG

Councilmembers had three reasons to make this request:

  • Pandemic accelerating ecommerce initiatives
  • Greater attention to Direct-to-Consumer channels, including among non-traditional suppliers
  • Higher expectations and need for Marketing + Customer Data + Ecommerce integration

It's definitely an interesting marketplace -- more of an oligopoly than the typically fragmented MarTech spaces we cover.  Also, ecommerce technology often constitutes a kind of mini stack of its own.  As usual, we take a "no platform is an island" approach and emphasize architectural "fit" in our vendor evaluations.  Today's press release explores one important dimension here: monolith-related technical debt.

If your firm is a "full-stack" RSG subscriber, you have access to this stream and can log in to read the evaluations and employ our decision-support tools to narrow down your choices. 

If you do not yet subscribe, you can download a sample ecommerce vendor evaluation here.

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