Evaluating the Elastic Path Ecommerce Platform

This past week RSG added Elastic Path to our Ecommerce Platforms Research.

Elastic Path sells a SaaS-based “Commerce Cloud.” The platform often gets compared with commercetools due to conceptual similarities, in particular its micro-services-based approach for building ecommerce applications. Underneath the covers, however, lie some important differentiators.

Elastic Path Screen
Creating a new promo in Elastic Path

Ecommerce Platforms is the latest addition to RSG research streams. It's been fascinating to witness how much Ecommerce and MarTech stacks overlap. If you'd value some advice in this area, feel free to reach out.

Meantime, RSG Ecommerce stream subscribers can review the Elastic Path evaluation immediately (login required), as well as compare it head-to-head with other Ecommerce vendors.

If your enterprise has not yet subscribed, you can download a free vendor evaluation here.


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