Magnolia's new enterprise edition is more of a departmental tool

We've now started coverage of Magnolia as a part of the Web CMS Report. Like many open source Web content management tools, Magnolia has seen growing exposure in recent years. In recent news, the product now also supports IBM WebSphere Application Server, building on its J2EE technology base. With this move and a new enterprise licensing model, Magnolia is clearly trying to position itself with larger enterprises, much like open source competitors Alfresco and eZ Publish.

Magnolia has some modest strengths in this vein (e.g. usability, localization, well-regarded support and community), but for implementation at an enterprise level, the platform's weaknesses (e.g. limited staging and deployment, small community, spotty documentation) still stand out. As we conclude in our review: for a departmental setup, with a handful of super-users as the only contributors, Magnolia might offer a good fit.

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