Latest update to our Web CMS vendor evaluations

We've just released a minor update to our Web CMS Report, which evaluates 42 major products from around the globe. Version 20.3 includes updated reviews of:

  • CrownPeak
  • e-Spirit
  • HP/Autonomy (Interwoven)
  • IBM Web Content Manager
  • Limelight Networks (formerly Clickability)
  • OmniUpdate
  • Plone
  • TerminalFour
  • TYPO3

What can you glean from this collection of updates? The marketplace remains vibrant, with big players and small, commercial and open source, on-premise and SaaS offerings -- all trying to innovate, albeit with varying degrees of success...

As always, our WCM evaluation stream subscribers can download the updated chapters and comparison charts immediately. If you've never seen our reviews before, you download a free sample here.

Our customers say...

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Gil, Partner, Cancentric Solutions Inc.
iStudio Canada Inc.

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