Is Email Bad?

Every employee hates email overload, but we all still use it, often heavily, on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, email has become the bête noire of enterprise social advocates. Shouldn't people be working out loud in open enterprise digital forums?

In the kick-off to a recent debate with noted guru Dion Hinchcliffe we tackled the issue head on.  Dion made a passionate case for sunsetting email, buttressed by an interesting historical chart tracing patterns of enterprise communications technology.

I had to take the contra position (though I don't love email either) and argued that the medium is not the problem.  We need to rethink our communications patterns, but killing email may only need to a profusion of other inboxes, and more complexity in an employee's life not less.

The debate addressed nine other enterprise conundrums. You can watch the entire hour on-demand here.

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