What the New 2018 Subway Map Says About Digital Marketplace Trends

This week, we've updated RSG's famous "Digital Workplace & Marketing Technology Vendor Map," something we've been producing for the past decade.  What lessons can you draw?

Real Story Group 
Vendor Subway Map, 2018
Click to enlarge.

Some Key Themes

Several important themes are emerging in this marketplaces:

  • The social-collaboration space is roiling from the near-collapse of Jive and the looming hurricane that is Office 365
  • The rapid rise of customer data platforms is changing the way B2C firms address omnichannel marketing
  • Oracle and IBM continue stave off irrelevancy through acquisitions
  • The DAM marketplace is seeing market entrants and exits
  • The WCM marketplace feels more stable, but is struggling to adjust to reduced scope
  • And more...

Find Out More

Join me on 3rd October for a fast-paced webinar explaining these and other trends from an enterprise customer perspective (the only perspective that really matters, right?).

Meantime, you can download a high-resolution version of the subway map.

Look forward to seeing you next month!  Register here.


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