Tridion opens U.S. office

  • 5-Jun-2006

Holland-based CMS vendor Tridion has been making noises about crossing the Atlantic for as long as I've been watching them (more than 5 years). They could always point to multinational customers whose European headquarters had bought Tridion's R5 product and rolled it out to some U.S. facilities, but few (if any) bona fide North American customers. Earlier this year, however, Tridion opened a New York office. Still ramping up, the office only holds 4 staffers right now, presumably in sales and sales support. So the same cautions we issued to North American buyers about Tridion in The CMS Report still hold: make sure you know where and when tech support will be available. But to be fair, you'll want to perform such diligence on any software you consider, including North American products pitched in Europe and Asia. With Tridion, as with most other CMS vendors, you must pay extra for 24/7 support.

Our customers say...

"The Web CMS Research is our reference work for web content management projects. It allows us to rapidly zero in on the right solution for each unique content management application. I can't imagine starting a new a project without it."

Alden Hart, CTO, Ten Mile Square Technologies

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