New Book Applies Design Thinking to Tech Selection

  • 2-Aug-2017

Prior to becoming a technology analyst, I worked as a user experience specialist at a systems integration agency. I had the pleasure of designing and building some of the first websites for some fantastic companies. In the early days we experimented a lot around how good design impacted the way people interacted with brands.

In the last 10 years, my focus shifted from designing and building web experiences to helping enterprises select the right technology to support these web experiences.

However, the design-thinking that emerged in those early days — and has become the norm for modern UX — applies directly to how enterprises should evaluate possible technology solutions.

Identifying the right set of personas, creating realistic user journeys, and lots of testing and simulations are hallmarks of nearly every successful technology selection project we've seen.  Unfortunately, very few enterprise customers follow this approach.

So my colleague Tony and I decided to explain more deeply how design thinking can lead to better technology selections.  Our new book is The Right Way to Select Technology: Get the Real Story on Finding the Best Fit, from Rosenfeld Media.

The Right Way To Select Technology

We codify a set of really practical advice that should help any project manager, business analyst, enterprise architect, application developer, marketer, or knowledge worker who is looking to bring the right technology into their enterprise.

You can get your copy here:

Want your whole team to get up to speed? Contact the publisher directly for bulk discounts.  Ping me directly if your organization would benefit from an onsite workshop on the topic as well.

Our customers say...

"The Real Story Group celebrates its 'vendor neutrality'. But it's not a neutrality that avoids taking positions. Far from it, their opinions are clearly stated, always well informed, and invariably fair."

Patricia Connelly, CEO at Henry Stewart Conferences and Events

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