Updated reviews of Jive, Connections, SharePoint, Yammer, and Workplace

  • 27-Apr-2017

Today we've released a significant update to RSG's Enterprise Social-Collaboration vendor evaluation stream, focusing this time on some of the larger players.


This release updates reviews of key vendor players, including:

IBM Connections: Big Blue has stuck by the platform even as it plateaued in the marketplace; its future is long on vision and short on details

Jive: A venerable leader for very large enterprises continues to subsist as a stand-alone offering

Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365: Increasingly a tale of two very different environments — one stodgy but predictable, the other dynamic but increasingly confusing to customers

Microsoft Yammer: Though folded nominally into O365 we still review Yammer separately as it remains very much a stand-alone platform more than four years after Redmond's acquisition

A New Contender in Facebook

In this edition we now include a full-blown evaluation of Facebook Workplace against our strict criteria.  You can download our complete Workplace review as the complimentary sample for that report and read it yourself. 

We'll have more to say about Workplace in the coming weeks, but here's the skinny: right now it's mostly about the Facebook name — not a trivial benefit —but functionally Workplace is not a game-changer, yet, relative to other Enterprise Social Network (ESN) offerings.

If you're an RSG enterprise collaboration stream subscriber, you can access the full report and individual chapters immediately.  You can also compare these offerings head to head in your "RealTime" decision-support tool.


Our customers say...

"This is an extremely deep dive into the actual inventory of social and collaboration software products and platforms, with descriptions, ratings, feature matrices and screenshots."

Scott Mark, Blogger on Social Software

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