[Webinar On-Demand] Stop Comparing Apples to Dump Trucks! Create the Right Vendor Short List with RealQuadrant

  • 6-Oct-2016

It's frustrating to see enterprise technology customers waste time and money trying to perform diligence on software that's fundamentally a bad fit. You can better use your time and resources creating a short list of vendor options that are potential winners for your enterprise.

Wondering how? View a brief presentation here.

RealQuadrant Short List Generator

Join me on a rapid tour of an innovative approach to diving deeply into structured research to create a customized short list of products — quickly.

Learn how you can spend your valuable time digging more effectively into the right set of vendors by comparing apples to apples!

Access the recording here.

Our customers say...

"Your CMS Report was helpful indeed, both in giving an overview of the market, but also as a means to increase our professional level in dealing with the selection and purchase process. This goes for me personally as well, as it helped me structure the process, ask the right questions, and focus on the important issues. We had a successful project!"

Anders Conrad, Senior Consultant, The Royal Library, Copenhagen

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