Updated social software evaluations - blueKiwi, Drupal Commons, Igloo, Socialtext, and Telligent

  • 14-Jan-2014

We have just released an update to our Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Evaluations. The reviews for blueKiwi, Drupal Commons, Igloo, Socialtext and Telligent have been updated. Here's a sneak peek.

European Systems Integrator Atos is now blueKiwi's parent entity and blueKiwi is often sold to customers as part of their "zero email" collaboration offering. Even if you are not looking to throw out email lock, stock and barrel, blueKiwi -- though lacking strong traditional collaboration functionality like blogs and wikis -- offers decent informal networking functionality. Footprint remains largely Europe-centric, though.

A common concern for large enterprises considering open source solutions is the kind of support they can expect to receive. We note in our review of Drupal Commons that enterprises can purchase support from commercial company Acquia irrespective of the Drupal distribution you are running. This is important, because the "Commons" distribution tends to run behind the latest Drupal releases...

Canadian vendor Igloo that targets mid-level enterprises, has been making its solution more mobile device friendly through responsive design techniques. Igloo's been slow to offer pre-packaged templates for common use cases though.

Socialtext, now owned by HR software vendor Peoplefluent, finally released a major update after a gap of nearly two years. Despite this, Socialtext still has a lot of catch up to do in terms of the product functionality and features it offers.

Telligent is now called Zimbra following a merger with a workgroup email solutions vendor Zimbra. Both product families are sold separately. Like Socialtext, Zimbra Social too, has a lot of catch up to do and the company plans to overhaul the product in an upcoming release.

Subscribers can download the full evaluations here. Or you can obtain a complimentary excerpt here.

Our customers say...

"Setting aside the hype and buzzwords of social media technology, RSG offers a clear, objective and comprehensive review of software products and vendors with a specific focus on their applicability to the enterprise. Before embarking on a collaboration or social media project, this research should be any company's first investment."

Heidi Strom Moon, Director of Marketing, CDG Interactive

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