My Eternal Search for a Happy TeamSite Customer

  • 28-Oct-2013

For the past six years, I've made a habit of saying "TeamSite is a product you leave, not one you join." Nearly every time we talk to one of our subscribers who licenses that platform, the discussion revolves around when to leave, not whether to leave.

As background, TeamSite is the flagship Web CMS product developed by Interwoven, then taken up by Autonomy, and therefore now in the hands of HP. It is part of a larger family of tools including OpenDeploy (for code and content deployment), LiveSite (a quasi-portal for content delivery and website management), a bit of IDOL (for search and delivery repository), and potentially other HP-Autonomy products, like MediaBin for Digital Asset Management.

To see our review of TeamSite, you can download a complimentary version here.

What Is "Happy?"

Perhaps happy TeamSite customers do exist out there, and I'm just not seeing them, or they don't subscribe to our advisory services. So, if you are a TeamSite licensee, and you want to go on record saying that you are pleased with the platform, please chime in using the comments below.

Of course, many Web Content & Experience management (WCM) customers -- regardless of vendor -- are unhappy with their platform. But for almost every other WCM product, we can find at least a handful of customers pleased with their choice. They help inform our WCM vendor evaluation research.

So, let me define "happy" as any three out of the following four statements:

  1. Your marketing/editorial and technical teams are both at least satisfied with the technology
  2. It has made your business more effective
  3. You incurred a reasonable total cost of ownership
  4. You would rather upgrade than switch vendors

Let's leave aside for the moment that for many TeamSite licensees, an "upgrade" is in fact a replacement.

Chime In

Remember, we're looking for happy customers only; no integrators or consultants. And please share your organization's name. The comments are open....look forward to hearing from you!

Our customers say...

"I think The Web CMS Research is well worth it. Information is always key to good decisions; don't skip that step! It's also surprisingly well written and not as dry as you would expect. I have an IT background and also a writing (English Literature) background, so I very much appreciated the balance of charts, tech info, and plain-speaking, good old sentences!"

Paul Whittle, Web Manager, Memorial University

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