Updates to our vendor comparison charts

  • 24-Jan-2011

harvey ball example from RSG DAM ReportFor the past ten years we've been using checkmarks (with plus and minus indicators) in our comparative ratings and scenario charts. Some of our research customers have asked for a more visually revealing approach, and we've settled on "harvey balls."

Harvey balls also bring the advantage of indicating five levels rather than four, which is useful differentiation as we cover ever more vendors.

We're already rolled them out in our recently updated Digital & Media Asset Management Report. The sample you see here is a partial slice from that report, contrasting three DAM vendors in one subcategory of criteria. We're busily applying them this month to all our other research.

Our customers say...

"Real Story Group offers exhaustive coverage of globally available Digital Asset Management Research products. I have seen their reports and have compared them with the ones by Gartner and Forrester. Real Story Group's report on DAM systems is the best in the world."

Punit Dhandhania, Content Architecture, Workflows, Systems & Strategies Consultant, Independent Consultant

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