2014 DAM and MAM market analysis

Today we publish our 2014 Digital & Media Asset Management market analysis, which analyzes current trends and also gives summary updates on each of the 30+ vendors we cover in this market.

Some key areas we explore in-depth are:

  • The DAM lifecycle continues to expand horizontally; the concept of DAM is no longer limited to the notion of managing finalized assets. Increased functionality supporting works-in-progress and asset production within DAM systems, or integration with asset production and distribution technologies, have become the norm.

  • With many DAM and MAM vendors expanding their product & functional portfolios through partnerships, acquisitions, and organic growth, we’re seeing a parallel diminishing quality of vendor customer support and professional services
  • Despite the comparative maturity of the DAM industry, customers continue to struggle with foundational notions such as workflow and metadata management within DAM systems. Well-tested cloud offerings are also sparse.
  • The idea of broadly functional Customer Experience Management (CXM) suites has made its way into DAM software suites, as enterprise vendors increasingly bundle marketing automation technologies with their DAM systems 

Subscribers can download the advisory paper here. As always, we'll be closely following this market throughout 2014.

Our customers say...

"The Digital Asset Management Research is a straightforward, comprehensive report that's invaluable to anyone considering or implementing digital asset management. With a no-nonsense approach to evaluating the major vendors and best practices, this report is a true handbook. It's my new bedside reading..."

Faith Robinson, Content Strategist & Industry Thought Leader

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