Public boasting, private financials

  • 21-Jan-2003

This is the time of year when CMS vendors start crowing (or eating crow) about their 4th Quarter results. Some of the most boastful pronouncements typically emanate from privately-held firms, who can avoid the inconvenience of publishing real financials in an openly-accessible manner the way most major bourses require of public companies. We would tend to agree that -- especially compared to their larger competitors -- many private CMS vendors appear to be doing well, but well enough to still stay afloat? When you get deep into the software selection process (read: contract negotiations) with them, private companies will disclose some nuggets of information, perhaps even audited financial statements. They know that for many buyers, it can be emotionally too late to withdraw an intent to purchase based on, say, a sickly balance sheet. Below you can find out about some private CMS vendors' Q4 results. But in our opinion, you'd be wasting your time...
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Glenn Olsen, Technical Committee Chair American Bonanza Society

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