Kevin Cochrane spices up Day Software

  • 23-Oct-2008

Web CMS and Digital Asset Management vendor Day Software announced earlier this week that Kevin Cochrane had signed on as Chief Marketing Officer.

Kevin was one of the original Interwoven employees, and shepherded its TeamSite product through a long period of impressive growth. The onetime wünderkind has become a bit of a wanderkind since departing Interwoven, with stops at Alfresco (where he led a still-incomplete Web CMS offshoot from the core ECM platform) and then a start-up in the cloud computing space. My experience was that Kevin had a good eye for slick features and was a smooth and persuasive briefer of analysts, but also someone who wrote checks that his engineering teams couldn't always cash.

Day customers can expect a more exciting roadmap and savvier marketing than the rather techie-oriented company has mustered in the past. I wish Kevin well. But as Web CMS Report readers know, Day probably needs more discipline than vision right now.

Our customers say...

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James Robertson, Managing Director, Step Two Designs

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