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Real Story Group Releases New Application to Benchmark Digital Effectiveness

RealScore Helps Enterprise Digital Leaders Measure Effectiveness and Prioritize Future Investment

Independent analyst firm Real Story Group (RSG) announced the general availability of RealScore™, an assessment tool that enables digital leaders to measure their effectiveness, benchmark against peers, and prioritize future investments in key digital workplace and marketing technology segments.

This application helps digital leaders better understand their current capabilities at a time when numerous RSG surveys reveal a lack of internal capacity to execute digital transformation projects. For example:

  • Enterprise Social-Collaboration: Only 33% of enterprises report sufficient executive buy-in, and a scant 21% have achieved successful user adoption
  • Web Content & Experience Management: Only 15% of enterprises report adequate staffing and development resources for their WCM programs
  • Marketing Technology: Half of all of enterprises face digital marketing talent shortages

RSG surveys similarly report a chronic lack of digital maturity, but there is a strong upside for organizations that pursue maturity models:

  • Enterprise Content Management: 62% of enterprises scored themselves with a “1” or “2” on a five-point scale measuring their ECM maturity
  • Digital & Marketing Asset Management: Customer projects are 15% more likely to complete on time and 50% more likely to stay on budget when employing the DAM Maturity Model

RealScore™ provides digital leaders with a sophisticated tool to measure their staffing, processes, and their incumbent systems' effectiveness. The service can be tried free-of-charge.

Preview Results Image

Fig 1. Sample deliverables from the RealScore application.

Real Story Group subscribers can benchmark against their peers within and across industry sectors. The application generates PowerPoint and other deliverables that can be shared to reveal just where — and how — an enterprise should improve.

Digital leaders working to align Business and IT strategies frequently ask us for roadmaps against a structured baseline,” notes Real Story Group Managing Director, Jarrod Gingras. “RealScore™ gives them a tool to chart where and how to make the right investments going forward.”


Real Story Group is a uniquely “buy side” analyst firm, working solely for solutions buyers and never for vendors.

We provide research and advisory services to help customers select and optimize Omnichannel Marketing Technologies. RSG evaluates Web Content & Experience Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Data Platforms, Omnichannel Content Platforms, Journey Orchestration Engines, Marketing Automation & Campaign Management Technologies, CRM and Office 365.