Not Your Typical Analyst Firm.

RSG's team of industry veterans leverage their implementation backgrounds to get the real story from actual customers.

We always begin with a business case analysis to help shape your strategic options. But we are not cheerleaders: these solutions can be complicated to implement, and we remain honest about the real costs and effort required to get them to work.

Our evaluations delve into significant technical detail. We get beyond vendor PowerPoint slides and routine checklists to offer meaningful analysis for architects, developers, and other engineers.

At the same time, we simplify complex topics through custom illustrations and screenshots showing the products in action.

We cover more vendors than most analyst firms, including open source projects and key mid-market players. You have many good choices. We help you uncover them.

Our assessments are completely independent. We do not perform work for vendors and have no incentive to favor one over another. When we see weaknesses, we say it. When a vendor does something well, we show it, and expect nothing in return.

More importantly, we never rank "best" or "magic" vendors. Instead we detail the strengths and weaknesses of a solution in the context of different use cases, while isolating vendor tendencies that may influence long-term fit.

Our research always concludes with a list of pitfalls to avoid -- gathered from the hard experience of those who have gone before you.

Candor means accessibility. We make ourselves available to our subscribers, to answer your questions, advise on your decisions, and educate your team.

Above all, whenever we look at products, assess the latest buzz phrases, or offer advice, we try to put ourselves in your position: the technology buyer.