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Web CMS Tasting Notes

What if we could do simple "tasting notes" for certain WCM vendors, like wine critics do? What would we say? Quite tongue-in-cheek, here's a sampling

WCM for Uncle Sam

As you might expect the list shows a great diversity in systems deployed, but also suggests some aging platforms. What to make of it?

Updates to WCM Vendor Reviews

Major forces are buffeting the Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplace, and key vendors and open source players are tacking in different directions in response. Some are expanding the scope of functionality, others are narrowing their focus, while others simply sail on like it's still the good old days.

Beware the WCM Vendor Trying to Be Your Integrator

We increasingly see WCM vendors putting pressure on their SI partners to become more like loyal resellers. For WCM, you don't want a reseller. Look for independent services firms that know a small handful of tools really, really well. Then work only with those integrators and consultancies who will sit on your side of the table, rather than just parrot the vendor line

Can you use WordPress for DAM lite?

There's more news from WordPress land. This time around, customers are wondering whether WordPress can be used as a lightweight digital asset management (DAM) system, given Automattic’s (the makers of WordPress) acquisition of file-sharing startup CloudUp

Squarespace and WordPress: brothers in arms?

It's not often that organizations look beyond WordPress when trying to address the need for some simple web publishing and/or blogging service. There's a kind of a haze around WordPress that sometimes obscures alternatives. Certainly this is good for WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. But is it actually good for you?

We need more loosely-coupled WCM offerings

As the Web CMS marketplace pendulum has swung from content management to experience management over the past few years, we've seen a greater emphasis on "coupled" architectures. That's not always a good thing

Three options for social-enabling SharePoint

SharePoint licensees seeking to deliver on the promise of social networking and more advanced collaboration applications must choose among three alternative approaches to close the gap

UGC, 2.0, and Commenting Services

Perhaps you're thinking about adding some "2.0" to your site or intranet, to obtain that great user generated content (UGC) -- but where do you start? You start with commenting, of course

Which is better, Drupal or WordPress?

One question I get on a regular basis is, "so, what's the best CMS?"  And I invariably reply, "it depends." There really is no best CMS; there is only the best fit for you, in your scenarios