Where's the Enterprise Portal at JBoss?

Since Red Hat acquired JBoss back in 2006, it has been very hard for JBoss Portal to meet its roadmap plans. The last few years have been marked by delays and very little product innovation, except an integration with Google Gadgets.

When Red Hat revealed an updated roadmap for JBoss back in February, there was little mention of the enterprise portal, except a sentence about "an expansion to the Java portal engine" coming over the next 12 months. Evidently the JBoss Application Server, SOA Platform, and the Enterprise Data Services Platform are marked as higher priority at Red Hat.

As Enterprise Portals Report subscribers know, Red Hat has taken JBoss Portal 2.6 and changed name and version number to JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 4.3. This has brought it in line with the Red Hat versioning scheme, but also creates the (mis-)impression that more things have happened with the portal than is actually the case.

To illustrate the low standing of JBoss Portal, I find it very interesting that JBoss.org has chosen open source Web CMS Magnolia for hosting more than 40 project sites with 20 million page views per month. If Red Hat wanted to eat its own dog food, they could have chosen to deliver content via their own portal platform instead.

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